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Police are appealing for witnesses after the body of a woman was found dead in woodland on the outskirts of Leeds.

This whole area was closed off. This whole area here.

It was frenzy, it was incredibly violent.

She was stabbed at least six times, one of which has gone through the windpipe.

They were determined that she was going to die.


The most horrific murder in cold blood of a young, defenseless mother of four children.

She's gone and they can still ring their families.

On the outskirts of Leeds lies the parish of Pot and Uten, close enough to the hubbub of the city center, yet a stones throw from the familyfriendly suburb of Chapel Alleton.

There's a real mix of people, a real mix of housing. It's the kind of place where you probably give your neighbors away, have a quick chat with them and it is kind of place where anyone would want to live.


It was sort of an upandcoming area. There's boutique type shops and younger new demographic of people.


The mix of city center life and village atmosphere was a draw for 26 year old Shanade Wooding.


Shanade had four children. She had two children with one partner who she separated from an early age, and then she went on to have two more children with her husband, Aksha Alley.


It was important to shine, to have a place she could call home. She had had a fairly unsettled childhood. At the age of four, she moved to live with her dad and half sister Natalie.


She was so dense, so tiny. I remember when she came home, she was four and she was just looking at me. She was just so tiny with these big brown eyes. She was a sweet, fun loving little girl. When she had got a bit older, she was quite faster. She's got me in trouble a lot, all the time. Everything was always my fault. It was just normal, normal sibling rivalry and normal siblings. She drove me insane sometimes, I would argue, but I would never, ever let anybody else her, ever.


I had daughter in her mid teens, Shanade left the family home for a short time, then moved in with sister Natalie, where her strong, independent personality shone through.


She was a wild child. She didn't listen to the rules. She didn't want to listen to my rules of having to come in at a certain time and leave her room tidy and do chores. She didn't want any of that. So she ended up moving back out.


When Janae was 17, she moved to London, met a man and went on to have two children. But when the relationship broke down, she moved back up north and started trying to make a life for herself.


I know that she did. She did do a bricklaying cast, which quite fitting really, at that particular point, because she was still very tomboyish.


Shanade, from a very early age, was a bit of a tomboy she loved football. She also did have a good work ethic. She did a bricklaying and plastering course. She also worked in a garage as a mechanic and I think the latest career she pursued was hairdressing, which she trained in.



As part of her bid to make a better life for herself and her children, sinead made a big decision.


She converted to the Muslim faith. There was a suggestion that the main reason she reversed was because she wanted to get away from the alcohol. She wanted to use that as a means to stop drinking for the sake of the children, who she absolutely don't it's.


We had loads of conversations about it and I asked her why, she just said that it's just what she wanted. She couldn't give you a full explanation over why, she just said that she prefers to live that way.



There was a period of time in her life when she was wearing Islamic dress, living what one might call her an Islamic lifestyle.


And it was while living her new life that Shanade met her new man.


Shanade enjoyed a whirlwind romance with Akshar. They met in 2014 and married within six months, going on to have two children. Backshot was a doting husband, a doting father and they seemed to have the perfect marriage.


Bagshot was about a year older than Shinay so 27, that he'd been working on some sort of a market store, selling fast food. She met him by chance. They'd become close and had gone through some sort of an Islamic wedding and.


Friends started to notice how this new lifestyle and the security it brought her and her children suited Shenaid.


She adored her children. She brought happiness to thee. When she walked in, she seemed to be happy.


She said that he was good, he was good with the kids, he provided for us to party her. She didn't want for anything.


Life with four young children was hectic? But Shanad and Akshar still managed to find time for themselves.


She loved to have a drink and a dance and singing and yeah, she likes all about it.


And on 11 May 2017, the couple were invited out to a party at the home of a friend, Yasmin Ahmed, a few miles away.


Shanae, Akshar and the children all went into the house. The atmosphere was very nice, but just.


A few hours later, the atmosphere at the party changed.



Guests at the party heard Aksha and Shanade arguing in the kitchen and then Akshar told guests that she'd gone home.


With Shanade having stormed out of the party, akshar is left to round up the children and take them home, but Shanade was not there. In fact, Shanade didn't come home over the weekend, leaving her concerned husband no choice but to report her missing.


An alien didn't know where she was. She made a habit of just disappearing that had an argument and that he was worried about her as well. He had been trying to text her to find out where she was, that the kids were worried about her.


Concern for Shiny's Wellbeing grows among her husband, sister Katie and children. Where had she gone to after leaving the party? And why had she not been in contact? On the outskirts of Leeds, sinead's other sister Katie rallies around a concerned Aksha alley after he reveals he's not seen wife Shanade for three days since she stormed out of a party at friend Yasmin Ahmed house and he said that.


They'D fallen out, that Shiny got drunk and that she stormed out of the house and you haven't seen since.


Having reported Sinai missing to the police, they need to look into her background. Did she often disappear? Who might she have met? Was she hiding any secrets?


Shanade has been reported missing and the first thing the police will do is a kind of a victimology, so they will look at Shanade's history. Is she the type of person we.


Would expect to go missing?


Was she unpredictable? And there was a record, if you like, of Shenaid, having problems with alcohol and being unpredictable.


A missing person investigation is launched, but immediately everything changes.


A body has been discovered in woods near Allwardly Crags by a group of runners. The badly burnt body is yet to be identified.


The body of a woman has been found in a place called Old Woodly Crags. In the morning, she'd been set alight.


The body was found by doggers. That body had been wrapped up in a duvet, trussed up with wire, doused in petrol and satellites, where it was found by the joggers.



The body had been badly burned and in fact was still smouldering.


Immediately, police launched a murder investigation.


The initial response of the police talks would be to call the area off. They know a woman has been murdered and the job is not just to find out who she was, but how she died.


This whole area was closed off. This whole area here, all the car park was closed off. There was tape everywhere, it was all cottoned off and then eventually they got out all of the bracken and all the undergrowth and it was all pulled into the car park. I suspect to be checked through. News of the murder soon spreads.

The brother of Aksshaw.



Police have arrested a 27 year old man on suspicion of the murder of Shanade Wooding.



The police liaison officers informed me that they're arrested.


In the quiet suburb of Potter Newton on the outskirts of Leeds. Police investigating the murder of Shanade Wooding have discovered a vehicle which they believe was used to move Shinae's body.


It showed that a small amount of blood from her was present on the boot seal of the car. And therefore one explanation, if she had indeed been concealed in wrappings and then placed in the boot of the vehicle, is that only a small amount of blood have been transferred onto the boot seal.


Having discovered the car was lent to Akshar Ali's brother asim the night before Shinade's body was found. Both men are arrested, sending shockwaves through the community.


Yeah, it's really shocking that there was a murderer working at the market. You just don't think that that kind of thing can happen around you. You see it on the news and it's removed from you. It's not part of your world. And the next thing, they're nearby.


Police may believe they have the right people in custody, but still have no idea as to where Shanade was murdered and why.


So investigators are always conscious that they need to establish the motive for someone's murder.


Detectives start to delve into shiny's marriage to Akshar.


They found out that the relationship between Shanad and Akshar Ali was not a good one.


All the time she really tried to kind of present this perfect relationship, perfect family.


There was some suggestion that they'd agreed at some point that they would spend some time apart.


She'd also started wearing Western clothes again, something that to him would have signified a loss of control over her, something that he just couldn't tolerate.


Shanade had converted to Islam in a bid to take control of her life and give up alcohol. But police discovered that as her relationship deteriorated, she started drinking heavily and confided in friends. She wanted to leave.


We now know that Ali was a very controlling individual. She wasn't even allowed to see her friends. She was discouraged from seeing her own family. So to a large extent, she was a very isolated individual. She had been thinking about leaving him. She'd been hesitant to do that, largely because of the children who she doted upon.


She's got this record of having a problem with alcohol as being maybe a bit unpredictable and maybe a bit violent. Now, with that record, if her husband was to make any kind of complaint, she may lose her children. And I think she was very frightened about that.


He would have used the children as a means by which he could just keep control of her.


Police believe they have their man, but still have no idea where Shanade was killed. They traced back to her last known movements. On 10 May 2017, Shanade made a call to West Yorkshire Police.


She said that her husband was making malicious calls and sending malicious texts to her.


I spoke to her on the telephone in the early hours of the following morning, when she was able to assure them that she was fit and well and that the children were safe.


The next day, Shanade went house hunting with a friend. On her return, Aksha said they were going to a party at Yasmin's house.


She, Aksha and the four children then made their way to Jasmine.


It was the last time anyone was to see Shinade.


You said that falling out, that Shine had got drunk and that she stormed out of the house and you haven't seen since.


Police had verified the arguments.


Guests at the party heard Akshar and she made arguing.


And then somebody said, look, if you're going to argue, going to the kitchen. So now Aksha and China could only be heard behind the kitchen door going at it, no doubt hammer and tongs.


And they've been allowed bang heard, which had caused Yasmine to go into the kitchen to see what was going on. She came back out again a few minutes later saying, oh, she's drunk, she's bumped into something, it's nothing to worry about. And the party carried on.


Aksshark maintained that following the argument at the party, Shanade vanished.


But now police start to ask, did Shanade really leave the party, having identified that shot ally?


The police spoke to Yasmin and it became clear that the two people who had last seen Shinae before she died were Akshar Ali and Yasmin Ahmed, and that the location at which they'd been was Yasmin Ahmed's home. And so the police then targeted Yasmin's home as being the most likely location at which Sinade had been murdered.


Two days after the discovery of Shiny's body in woodland, crime scene investigators swarm Yasmine's house.


The fact that some people who had been at the party was saying that they did hear a loud bang and that they didn't see Shanade after that, the police very, very quickly decided, we're going to get into that house, I'm going to search it and search it thoroughly.


But what they discover is disappointing.


The initial police and forensic examination found no trace of Snade having been attacked in the kitchen. There was no blood or anything like that.


But then police discover something which alters the whole course of the investigation.


The entrance to the cellar was only discovered through the tenacity of the police search team because it won't have been obvious that it was there. When they looked into the cellar, they saw an immediate drop onto a concrete or stone floor of about eight foot. So they will be thinking that if she's aid had been put in there, she had a serious fall and would have been injured in there and kept in there for quite a period of time.


We had been informed that a blood dog had been into the cellar along with the crime scene investigators, and they had identified what they believed to be bloodstaining, in particular a large area of blood staining on the middle of the cellar floor. We were asked to go out to determine whether or not Shanae Wooding had been assaulted within the seller.


Forensic investigators carry out intense searches of the seller.


You could see that there was a large bloodstain in the middle of the cellar floor. It was dark brown, it looked like it had been wiped or cleaned in some way, but certainly it gave us a positive reaction and a test for blood. And in my opinion, somebody had really been laid there for a period of time whilst injured and bleeding. As we were looking at this bloodstaining, it became evident that there had been some attempts to clean the walls as well. Certainly there was a wall black paint at the bottom and cream paint at the top. The cream paint looks very clean compared to other surfaces. There was some scoring in the paint as well, which suggests it might have been cleaned up a scourer. Once we got our bearings in the cellar, we could actually see that blood had been distributed on the walls, in particular around the foot of the ladder. It was characteristic of impact spatter, of.


Clear blood spatter patterns.


And that in itself tells you.


Batter patterns and that in itself tells you there have been impacts into wet blood. The size of the droplets will be telling you how hard that impact is likely to be. The direction that they've flown will tell you something about whether somebody was moving or stationary.


We tested bloodstaining from that area and the bloodstaining was time to match that if she needed wedding.


So my assessment of what happened in that kitchen is that Shanade was attacked in there, probably after an argument, and bundled into the cellar, where she fell to the floor some eight foot below onto a hand surface. I think she was alive and I think she was then murdered sometime afterwards in cold blood. We know she was stabbed at least six times. We know she was hit on the head at least twice, presumably using a claw hammer and a knife.


Police now believe Shanade was killed in the cellar, her body left there for two days before being wrapped in a duvet, dumped in woodland and set alight. The cellar was then cleaned. In a bid to remove all evidence of a murder, police believe Aksha could not have carried out the crime alone and arrest Yasmin Ahmed.


Aksha Ali and Yasmin Ahmed were subjected to interviews over the following two or three days. Neither of them admitted their part in killing Chenade. They said they had no idea what had happened. By this stage, the police knew that the concerted effort had been made to clean up the crime scene. Who did that? Police also arrested a woman by the name of Vicki Briggs, who actually lived with Yasmin Ahmed.


Police now have five people in custody, aksha Ali and Yasmin Ahmed, on suspicion of murdering Shinid Wooding, plus Yasmin's housemate, vicki Briggs, Ali's brother, as him and one other on suspicion of assisting an offender. But why would Yasmin Ahmed kill her own friend Shanade? Police soon discover that while Akshad's relationship with his wife was breaking down, he was growing closer to mum of three Yasmin.


They became really close friends and there was this issue as to whether they were involved in a relationship.


Shanade was unhappy that Aksha, when he was going home from work, used to go and see Jasmine first, used to spend a lot of time at her house.


And that did lead to some conflict between Akshar and Shinade because Shanade was, let's say, jealous that there was something going on between them, a sexual relationship.


Were Aksha and Yasmin having an affair? Had they wanted Chinaed out of the way? As both are charged with murder, the question remains who dealt the fatal blows? November 2017. The trial into the murder of Shanade Wooding opens.


I did attend trial. I think I attended every day for the first week to week and then I couldn't keep going anymore, it was so hard.


Five people take to the Dock Sinai's. Husband and father of two of her children, akshar Ali and his friend Yasmin Ahmed, plus her housemate, Vicki Briggs asim Ali and one other all accused of assisting an offender.


The Shinid Wooding case is noteworthy not only for the level of violence that's inflicted on her, blows to the head with a claw hammer, stab wounds, but then the very calculated way that her body was dealt with, left in a cellar for a period of time, wrapped up, removed and then the attempt to set fire to her to destroy the evidence.


Aksha Ali and Yasmin Ahmed plead not guilty to murder.


At no time did anyone admit their involvement in the murder. Aksha Ali Yasmin Ahmed maintained their innocence throughout the trial.


We were defending Yasmin, so our job was to present her case the best way that we could. Initially her case had been that she didn't know that anything untoward had happened.


And really Aksha Ali, Yasmine Ahmed just blamed one another throughout.


The prosecution needs to prove that both Ali and Ahmed had killed Cherry and dumped her body in a bid to get away with murder. The court hears that despite keeping up appearances, the relationship between Shanade and Actar was marred with alcoholfuelled arguments and violence.


Shiny's family was shocked by some of the details about their relationship that came out in court and I think the fact that she didn't confide in them and they didn't know stuff that they would have wanted to help with. Perhaps hasn't thought that he had successfully isolated her.


I never knew anything was wrong between she knows Naksha, she never mentioned it, never gave me any inclination that there was anything wrong. If she had it done, I would have helped her. I wish she had it done.


Having had a difficult childhood moving between homes, Shanade was desperate to give her children the kind of stability she'd never experienced. By adopting an Islamic lifestyle and marrying Aksha, Shanade was seeking that security. But it was clear that her marriage was unraveling and Ally's control over her was growing.


Axshar had CCTV cameras trained on the house. One of the neighbors gave evidence that whenever she made left the house, akshar would just turn up and stop her from going out.


The month before Shanade was killed, Shanade and her kids spent the weekend shanade's sister, Katie. Shanade actually said to Katie, I don't want to go home. At the time Katie thought that was because they'd had such a good weekend together. But she now looks back and wondered if there was more to it and perhaps if she pursued that line a bit more, maybe she could have found out what was actually going on and she finds that really hard to live with.


The court hears the couple often argued when she NAD had been drinking an Aksshaw ascertained that she would often disappear as he claimed she had done on the night of her death. But this is disputed.


There's no doubt that there were times when sinead would leave and go and visit either her sister or one or other of her friends. But she never went without the children. If she went somewhere, she always took them with them. Remember, the children were all very young, all below ten.


It seems Shanade's devotion to her children became the ultimate downfall. She wanted to leave Akshar, but there was one thing he held over her.


One of the things that was troubling Shinyde was Aka. Having said that, he intended to take, I think, one of the children, possibly the youngest, to Pakistan.


On the night of the party, things came to a head and the couple argued.


Controlling people think they own their families, their partners and their children, and they center their own needs completely. So you can imagine Akshar thinking how there this woman who I actually don't want anymore. It's not like he wanted to keep her in the relationship. She was getting in between him and his sons. He'd probably been planning it for quite a long time. He just maybe was looking for an opportunity to put that plan into operation.


Shina was applied with alcohol before she was thrown in a salad.


Was looking for an opportunity to put that plan into operation.


Shanade was plied with alcohol before she was thrown in a salad. She was later beaten and stabbed and then when she was dead, her body was wrapped in a Duvet thrust with wire, thrown in a car boot and then was dumped in a car parking from woodland and her body was doused in petrol and satellite.


Despite speculation surrounding the couple's relationship, akshar pleads his innocence and has a theory as to who killed the mother of his children.


Akshar's story that he and Shanae have the argument that the other people in the house had overheard and she had just stomped off and that was the last she saw about he said. The only logical explanation for Shinae's body having been at some point in the basement of Yasmin's house was that at some point shinay must have come back to Yasmin's house and it must have been Yasmin who murdered her. Asha Ali believed there was no scientific evidence linking him to the killing. And the killing happened in Yasmin's house.


Realizing she was now in the frame, Yasmin changes her story.


Her case was she played no part in the actual murder itself, that she had become involved in cleaning up a seller. After all, it was her house and she would be a prime suspect if there wasn't a clean up and if the body remained there, she would be the prime suspect in the killing. So she had a motive to get rid of the body.


But the prosecution's case remains that both Yasmin and Ali were involved.


Shanade did confide in people that she was being assaulted, she did tell people that she was unhappy and she did articulate to some extent that this was domestic abuse.


Janae was definitely a victim of domestic abuse. At the hands of Aksha Alley, there was a controlling bully. There's no doubt in my mind that he coerced and controlled sinead for most of the time that they were together. He would have used the children as a means by which he could just keep control of her. And I think the motive for the murder was that ultimately she had had enough and decided that she was going to leave him.


The jury CCTV footage from the night of the 13 May 2017 which caught Yasmin and Akshar walking along a road near her house. They then borrowed a car from an acquaintance and moved Shiny's body from Jasmine's house to All Woodley Crags and set it alight. That footage, along with the evidence at Yasmin's house, is damaged.


The jury saw through that and quite rightly convicted them both of the most horrific murder of a young, defenseless mother of four children. Domestic abuse is a choice and Akcha ally chose to be an abusive, controlling partner to shine aid until he lost control and then in cold blood, he decided to kill her.


Aksha's brother, Asim, plus the other defendant are cleared of helping to assist an offender. But Aksshar, Yasmin and Vicki are all found guilty.


Akshar Ali and Yasmin Ahmed were both sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommendation that they serve at least 22 years before they become eligible for parole. Vicki Briggs received four years imprisonment for helping cover up the murder.


Shiny's family are in court to see her killers face justice.


She's gone and they can still ring their families and speak to their families and say, I love you or I miss you. She don't get to do that anymore. So I just think no matter how much time they got, it would never be enough for what they've done. But in the bigger picture, that's a long time and it's nothing more than they deserve.


The thing that struck me after meeting this family and speaking to them about their loved one was just how broken they are after this. And you do wonder whether they will be able to move forward with their lives. Losing Shanade has given them a life sentence and I don't know if it's something they'll be able to come back from. That's very upsetting to speak to a lovely family who have lost someone who felt of their own.


And they lived forever with the knowledge that they never really knew what was going on in Chernade's life.


When I found out about guilt, that wasn't there when she needed me. But I wasn't there to protect her.


And for sister Katie, Shanade is always.


In her thoughts, always playing with the butterflies, always trying to hide. My beautiful little sister was always by my side. I will always have our memories. I could never say goodbye. Not now, not then, not ever. Forever asking the question why? I will always have our memories. No one will ever see the moon, the light, the sky at night. No one can take them away. For me. I will always love you. Share that.




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